Fix .md5 mismatch error in CWM recovery backup

Hello reader, today i'm gonna tell you how to fix the .md5 error in the CWM recovery backup file. This error arises when you try to restore your old ROM from the Clockwork mod recovery backup. If the content of the backup files get modified the .md 5 error will occur.

Things you need for fixing this error,

              1. PC
              2. CWM backup files
              3. Notepad++ Download here

First copy the backup files from your phone to the PC by connecting your phone via USB cable because it's easy and faster way to copy files.

Now open the folder and and search for the nandroid.md5 file.


 Now open the file with Notepad++ right click and select open with and choose the Notepad++.exe


You will see the window like the above picture now select all the content by pressing ctrl+a and press delete to delete all the content and save the file by clicking the save icon.


After saving the file now copy the clockwork folder to your phone's external card and try to restore you will not find the .md5 mismatch error anymore.

The problem is with the content of the .md5 file by removing it the error will no longer persists.

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