Top 15 reasons to root your android phone

Android phone users will have this question in their mind " Why should i root my android phone? " even in early days i also asked this question myself before rooting my android. I searched the Internet and i found cool things which you can do on your android phone with root access.

Looking back into those days if didn't rooted my android device i will be missed pretty cool things today. So if you are in dilemma whether root my android phone or not here is top 15 reasons to root your android phone.

15 reasons to root your android phone

15. Record your screen:

Root permission allows you to record your android phone screen in higher resolution and also you can record your voice in background using the inbuilt microphone. Android version Lollipop allows you to record the screen without root but other android version doesn't support screen recording without root permission.

There are lot of android apps available in play store which allows you to record your phone screen with root in high resolution.

Apps: SCR pro, Screencast, REC.

14. Recover deleted files:

You can recover the files which is deleted from your android phone. You need root access to recover your deleted files back on your android phone.

You can recover images, videos, music, documents, apps and other files.

Apps: Undelete, Dumpster

13. Convert user app into system app:

Reason number 13 to root your android phone is you can convert the user app into system app. You may ask why should i convert a user app into a system app? If you don't like the pre-installed keyboard app you can change it by removing the default keyboard app and make a third party keyboard as your default keyboard to do that you need root!

Another question may arise on your mind, how can i remove the default system app? you can find the answer for this question on this post itself keep reading!

Apps: Titanium backup root

12. Battery calibration:

Most of us are concerned about the draining battery in android phones. With root permission you can calibrate your phone battery to remove the old battery status and make it as fresh.

Note: Battery calibration won't calibrate the battery directly it only reset the battery status file stored on your device.

By doing the battery calibration your phone battery stat will get reset and i will make phone battery better than the past. It is recommended to do this after flashing a new ROM on your android device.

Apps: Battery calibrator

11. WiFi key recovery:

Reason number 11 is that you can recover the saved WiFi passwords on your phone even when they get deleted. This allows you to find the forgotten passwords and get into the WiFi network.

Note: WiFi key recovery recovers only passwords which stored on your phone in the past. It won't helps you in getting into a new WiFi network without password.

Apps: WiFi key recovery

10. Restrict data:

You can restrict the data usage of the particular app using the app name Droid Wall. It allows you to choose which restrict the certain apps from using the Internet data. You can also choose between mobile data and WiFi data.

Restricting data usage will prevent the app from using data on background which uses the data while running on the background.

Apps: Droid Wall

9. Quick boot:

Quick boot allows you to boot into the recovery, download mode directly from the home without using any hardware button combinations. It also allows you to do hot boot which will reboot your android device faster.

This feature saves your time during the booting process.

Apps: Quick boot

8. Backup data:

With the inbuilt backup option in android devices allows only limited options to you. But if you have root access you can choose your own backup data.

If you have custom recovery like CWM, TWRP you can backup your entire phone including contacts, apps, app data, cache, ROM etc., and you can restore them back when you need them.

Another option is using the apps to backup your data, apps like Titanium backup will allows you to backup specific apps along with their data and cache in a zip file, you can restore them when required.

Apps: Titanium backup root

7. Change resolution:

If you're rooted you can change the resolution of your android device. If you feel your display resolution is small then get your phone rooted now and increase the resolution of your phone easily.

Changing the resolution will cause changes in the size of the text and icons, you can change the resolution value at your own choice using the following app.

Apps: LCD density

6. Save battery life:

With root access in your android phone you can save your battery life effectively than the non rooted phones. There are plenty of apps available in the play store which allows you to save your battery juice.

You can try those apps and choose which suits your phone best, i am listing few apps which helped me in saving battery life in my android phone.

Apps: Juice defender, Watch dog lite, Greenify

5. Boost your storage:

We are getting closer to number 1! With root permission you can boost your storage to perform faster than usual by creating a cache file on your storage. It will increase the file transfer speed between folders and also increases the speed of copying files from phone to your computer.

I recommend you to use the SD Booster for this process because it fast and simple. Create a cache file at least 1024 mb on your sd card for better performance.

Apps: SD Booster

4. Increase your RAM:

This was the most argued topic in android, some people still won't believe in RAM increasing methods. Actually this process of increasing RAM won't show any changes in the RAM size under the RAM usage page. You can't see the increase in your RAM but you can feel the increase of RAM in the process speed and transition between the apps.

This process is similar to the Windows Ready Boost process in windows operating system, in android you increase your RAM by placing a system cache file where the system data required for the process will stored. By doing this your inbuilt RAM usage will get reduced and improves the speed the process.

Creating cache file and using them to store system data requires the kernel support. If your phone kernel doesn't support memory swapping then you won't be able to use this feature, to get the kernel support you need to install custom kernel with swap support available for your device model.

Apps: Smart booster

3. Remove system apps(Bloatware):

When you buy a phone it comes with pre installed apps by the manufacturer which have google apps and other is bloatware. Bloatware refers to the apps which is not useful to you and unable to uninstall them. Pre installed apps are system apps which means you can't remove them but with root access you can remove them from your phone in a minute.

For example, if you have Samsung android phone without rooting it will have many apps pre installed and some of them are not useful like Samsung apps, chatON etc., these are called bloatware and if you root your phone you can uninstall them and get more storage for your favourite apps and games.

Apps: Titanium backup

2. Custom ROM:

Android is a open source so there are lot of developers who developing custom ROM for various device models and releasing it. If you have a android device with root permission you can explore the various custom ROM developed for your device.

Using custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod will improve your phone performance and uses the real potential of your android phone, you can get more of your android device with custom ROM.

There are lot of sources available for custom ROM's YouTube channels, XDA-Developers, Android Websites which will give you the information about custom ROM for your android device. Also you can check out the official pages of ROM developers to find whether your phone is supported or not.

Apps: Rom Manager

1. Customization:

Here we are at number 1 reason to root your android phone, it's customization android phone and android platform are very much popular for their unlimited customization and features. With the root permission you can change every single part of your android. Here are the list of customization i have listed which can be done by having the root permission,

System UI changes

  •   Change icons in status bar
  •   Change the navigation buttons
  •   Change the icons without icon packs
  •   Change notification panel etc.,

Xposed Modules (System editor or should i say tweak ocean)

  •   Changes notification style
  •   Changes animations
  •   Adds features which are available on high end android devices
  •   and tons of tweaks

with all these customization you can make your android better than what you have right now, so it your choice now its all up to you whether root your phone or not. There are lot of things waiting for your android device you can grab them only if you root your android device.

Note: Rooting isn't encouraged by any device manufactures and you will lose your phone warranty if you root your device. Rooting device in improper way may lead to bricking your phone.

So here are the top 15 reasons, what is your reason to root your android device let me know about your reason in the comment section below and i will read all your comments!
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