You can crash Anyone's Whatsapp by sending lots of smileys

Quick Droid: Now you can crash anyone's Whatsapp by sending 4,000 and above smileys. This bug has been revealed by an 18-year-old cyber security researcher. Both mobile and desktop version of Whatsapp is vulnerable to this bug.


A cyber security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan claims that there is a major bug in the world famous messaging application Whatsapp. This bug can crash both mobile and web version of Whatsapp.

What is Whatsapp smiley bug?

Last year he found a bug on Whatsapp which will crash the app by sending a 2,000 words messages in the special character set, but this year he found a new bug that sending 4,000 and above smiley to a Whatsapp user will make the Whatsapp slow down and finally ends in crashing due to Buffer overflow. In Whatsapp web, you can send a message with 6,600 characters, but after typing 4,200 smileys, the browser starts to slow down and finally ends in crashing.

He tested for this bug on firefox and chrome on windows which crashes after reaching 4,000+ smileys. He also found bug working on Android Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and the app crashes regardless of the size of RAM installed on the phone.

But iPhone managed to withstand the smileys and it freezes for a second instead of crashing and it works fine after few minutes after freezing.

Video Demonstration of Whatsapp smiley bug

What will happen if someone sends you 4,000+ smileys in Whatsapp?

If someone sends you a message on Whatsapp with 4,000 and above smileys you can't open that message. When you try to open that message your Whatsapp application will crashes.

How to protect yourself from this bug

When you receive a massive smiley message on your Whatsapp account try not to open it. You have to delete the entire chat you had with that person.

By doing this, you can avoid the buffer overflow and prevent your Whatsapp application from crashing.

Indrajeet has reported to Whatsapp about this flaw in their system and he hopes they will fix this in the next update. Here is the original post by Indrajeet Bhuyan on his blog.

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