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Quick Droid: 10 Must have Android apps which are available free on Google Play store.

Hope you have bought an Android phone! Congratulations it’s time to add few top notch Android applications to your app drawer. Above millions of applications loaded into Google play store and it will take more time for you to sort the best apps so I have sorted Top 10 must-have Android applications which are free of cost. You can’t see any gaming application on this list because this post is devoted to apps and I’m going to make a separate post for top games this coming week.


All 10 applications are useful apps I am not going to list any social media apps or apps which are free for trial, this list is made with the intention to help Android users like you to find useful Android apps for your Android phone.


Android Device Manager is the first app in our list and you should install this app on your Android phone right now. This app will help you to locate your Android phone when you lose it, as it allows you to erase data of your phone remotely when you lost your phone. Android Device Manager is developed and supplied by Google, this app is lightweight and easy to setup and use when compared to other security applications.

Download Android Device Manager from Google Play

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How long will you use that same stock camera app? Switch to sleek camera app - Geak camera which is free on Google play store. The geak camera app has 9 different live filters and you can share the pictures directly to social media. It has built in Gallery to view photos and you can edit the photos. This app is very lightweight, even smaller than high-resolution pictures (1 Megabytes). Developers of this app provide the regular update, just download and start capturing your moments.

Download Geak camera from Google Play


Every stock file managing application will lack few things this is the place where you need a powerful file manager for your Android phone. There are lots of file explorers available on Play store, but Mi file explorer has earned a place due to its speed and good looking design. This app lets you browse files on internal memory, external SD card, and other folders. This app is a great choice for organizing files on your Android phone.
Download Mi File Explorer from here


Unlike iPhone, you can customize Android to the larger extent, and launcher plays the major role in giving a fresh look to your Android phone. Apex launcher gives you the best customization options when compared with other launchers available on play store. The free version of Apex launcher allows you to have gesture control on the home screen, but other launchers ask you to buy pro version. Apex launcher also has tablet mode so you can use this launcher on tablet and it supports icon packs of other launchers too.

Download Apex Launcher from Google Play


Greenify helps you to prevent apps from running in the background even when you are not using it. This app force stops the apps which help you to have low RAM memory usage and reduce lag on your Android phone. The free version of this app is enough for force stopping the third party applications which run in the background. This is a great way to reduce lag on the phone with low RAM and low specs.

Download Greenify from Google Play


If This Then That (IFTTT) with this app you can create connections between apps on your phone, these connections are called as recipes. Some of the popular recipes are saving the tweets you like to Evernote, when you are at a particular location, send a message to your family and much more ideas available on IFTT website. You can also make your own recipe using IFTTT and automate things on your phone.

Download IFTTT from Google Play


This lightweight note-taking app allows you to take notes without using the keyboard, you can take notes with your voice and organizing the notes at ease. Speak notes’ lock screen widget allows you to take notes on the go without unlocking the lock screen of your Android phone. Minimal design, lightweight, low resource requirements are the key features of this application.

Download Speak Notes from Google Play


Did you find a great content on a website but got no time for reading it right now? If you face this situation again in future use the pocket app to solve the problem. This app will save the articles and videos offline so you can read when you have time even without internet connection. This app works like an offline bookmarking tool, but it has great features! You can also access the saved content across Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop using the extensions.

Download Pocket from Google Play


With 32 million articles in 280 languages, Wikipedia is widely used reference for work, their Android app will help you with studies etc. Wikipedia app allows to you save articles for offline use. Wikipedia Zero waives your data charges with selected network operators and multiple tabs function helps you to open a new article without closing the current article. 

Download Wikipedia from Google Play


WPS Office app is the best office suite application available for Android. You can create word documents, power point presentation and spreadsheet. It reads files from cloud storage such as Google drive, dropbox and from FTP. This app does not have any In-app purchases and advertisements, also reads the PDF files and print those–wireless. Supports Microsoft office documents! Microsoft has introduced their own apps, but they want you to install separate apps for words, excel and power point but this app has all these in one app and it is less than 25 Megabytes in size.
DownloadWPS Office from Google Play

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Hope you find this post helpful, If you know any awesome Android app please let me know about it in the comment section!
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