5 Things which ruins your Android phone battery life

My phone battery dies fast! what should I do? once a subscriber asked in the comment section. Hence I come up with this post to shed the light on 5 things which make your Android phone battery drain faster.

Some of you may have Android phone with low battery capacity like my phone :( you should get rid of this 5 things to improve battery life on your Android phone.


1. Games

I'm not mentioning all the games which are available on Play store. Heavy games tend to consume more battery juice and often heat up your Android phone. The best way to solve this problem is by uninstalling those games which remained unopened for weeks.

Few games such as Clash of clans, Hay day, Candy crush saga drains the battery much faster than other game applications. Due to large background process and network connectivity, these games exhaust battery.

Recommended tip: 

  • Try using WiFi instead of mobile data while playing games.
  • Put your Android phone on flight mode while playing games if it doesn't require a network.

2. Facebook:

Facebook Android app is the next culprit which uses battery life more than any other applications. It always runs in the background to sync data and fetches new notifications from the server. If Facebook notifications are not that important to you, then uninstall the Facebook application from your Android phone.

Facebook app also reduces your phone processing speed, HowToMen youtube channel has made a video which shows significant variation in the processing speed of phone without and with the Facebook app installed.

Recommended Tip:

  • Use Facebook via browser it saves battery, data and it won't distract you with notifications.
  • Try apps like snowball to check all social media account at one place. It saves storage as well as reduces RAM usage.

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3. Sleep Time

Head to Settings -> Brightness & Display -> Sleep and check the time you have assigned if it is above 2 minutes then it is going to drain your phone's battery faster, set the lowest time available. This will help you to save more battery juice.

If you take a look at your battery usage details you may notice that screen has topped the usage list with the highest percentage. Reducing the battery used by the display and backlight will help you to reduce fast draining of your phone's battery.

Along with sleep time, you should adjust the brightness of your phone according to the place where you use your phone. By maintaining low brightness and lowest sleep time you can save a large amount of battery juice.

4. Fast Charging

Latest Android phones have fast charging option which is an absolute life saver but at the same time if you overuse this option it will end up in the reduction of battery life.

Use fast charge option only when you need, slow and steady charging will keep your battery life good for longer.

Always use official battery charger which comes with your phone. Never use another brand mobile chargers on your Android phone it may have different voltage output less or more than your phone's charger.

5. Improper rooting

You may be heard that rooting your Android phone will help you to use a custom kernel and ROM which will make your phone faster and improves battery life.

Yeah! it's true but if you root your Android phone improperly or installing non-compactible kernel will cause you more trouble than the stock ROM.

Before flashing a ROM or a custom kernel check it's compatibility with your phone and makes sure that you have installed it properly on your Android phone.
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Other than these 5 things there are many factors and your day to day activity which affect your smartphone battery. Avoid overheating and prevent using the phone while charging.

Here are the few apps you must consider before installing them on your Android phone, these apps use more resources which in turn reduces your phone performance and battery life.

  • Clean Master
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Messenger

If you have any comment which helps others to improve battery life or any other questions comment them below. 
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