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The Ultimate Rooting Guide For Beginners

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Welcome to the exclusive edition of Rooting guide by LogansDroids, here you will learn how to root your android phone and how to customize your android phone like a developer after rooting. This guide is made with android beginners in mind who want to root their android phone. You will become the Superuser of your android phone!

For droiders who have already rooted their android phone, I have provided posts which help you to make your android phone better and ensure you get most of it. You will know the real potential of your android phone.

This rooting guide will ensure the following things at the end:

  • How to backup before rooting your android device
  • How to install custom recovery on your android device
  • How to root your android phone
  • You will have a root access in your phone in next 10 minutes
  • Things to be done after rooting your android phone
  • Essential apps you must install after rooting
Please do Bookmark this page because this rooting guide will help you any time if you are going to root your android phone and after rooting your android phone. This guide is designed for you and this guide will be updated regularly to ensure that you will get more of your android. Okay enough of talking let's start rooting,

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Backup your android phone:

Nowadays android phone has became essential thing in our life. We use android phone everyday we carry it on our hands everywhere and it has became a third hand for us. We store our contacts, emails, personal photos, videos and many other personal information.

Before your rooting or installing custom ROM on your android device you must have a backup of current data because any thing can happen so it is a wise decision to have a backup of your data in a safe place.

Hope you have made Nandroid backup of your android phone using the custom recovery, If you don't know how to backup your data using CWM or TWRP read this post How to make a backup with CWM

Few things you should learn before rooting your android device:

How to Root your android phone:

Rooting your android phone is now divided into two stages now, if you can pass this stages your phone will rooted in next 10 minutes!

Stage 1:

The stage 1 of our rooting process is installing the custom recovery into your android phone, there are various custom available but all recovery aren't supported by your device until you have very popular devices.

The reason why you have to install custom recovery is stock(default) recovery doesn't have "Install zip" option. You must have that option to install the super user application and gaining the super user access.

I recommend you to go with Clock work Mod (CWM) recovery or Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) recovery, these two are most popular custom recovery available for android phones and tablets.

If you're confused between CWM and TWRP read this TWRP vs CWM which is best

How to install custom recovery on any android phone (Follow the steps given in this guide and install custom recovery)

After installing the custom make a nandroid backup using CWM or TWRP before proceeding to stage 2.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 of our rooting process is to install supersu application into your android phone via custom recovery for that you must have the package to install.

  • Download the package from here
  • Move the package to external memory of your android phone
  • Now boot your android phone into recovery mode
  • Now Install the Zip package (Select install zip in CWM, Select install in TWRP)
  • After installing reboot your phone

Congrats you're now a Superuser of your android device! You can check whether your phone is rooted or not using the root checker app.

Can't root your android phone still? Keep reading below to get more ways to root your android phone.

Rooting Android using Apps:

You can also root your android device using the certain android apps now, before selecting an app to root your android phone check whether your phone is supported by that app.

1. KingoRoot:

Kingoroot gives you the root access in one touch, you're one touch away from getting your phone rooted!

  • Open the app and click START ROOT button at bottom
  • Wait until the app completes root and you will notified when the root is complete.

 2. FramaRoot:

FramaRoot is similar to KingoRoot app but this app has feature that helps you to unroot your android device after rooting. So you can do rooting and unrooting using this single app.

  • Open the app and select the Install super su option
  • This app three way to exploit your android phone system to get root access. Select Boromir method if this method fails try the other methods. 

Wait for few seconds and app will show you the result if you get passed reboot your device and enjoy as Superuser!

Still unable to root your android device? No worry here is the manual guide to help you. This guide has manual method to root your android phone however you must need a computer for this process read the guide here How to root your phone manually

If you found any difficulties in rooting your android device you can reach me out for help from this page or you can reach me on social networks.

Things to be done after Rooting:

  • Check whether your phone is fully rooted or not using the root checker app.
  • Now you have the Superuser access why should you keep those bloatwares on your android phone get rid of that, uninstall the useless system apps 
  • Open the supersu app and navigate to settings tab, configure the settings according to your needs. 

Important apps to install after install:

Root explorer or ES file explorer - To browse the root folder and to edit system files etc.,

Titanium Backup root - To backup apps, uninstall app including system apps, freeze apps (fore stop)

Xposed Installer - To tweak and enhance your android phone using plenty of modules

Greenify - To stop apps from running on background

DroidWall - To prevent particular app from using your Internet data

Do let me know if you need any help or guide related to android rooting and tweaks and don't share this with your friends!

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